Mobile and Devices
I have extensive UX design and front-end development experience for mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. I've designed for iOS, Android, and Windows 8. I've also worked on devices and kiosks, such as physical security devices for mobile identity and authentication.
I lead the user experience design and front-end development for Symantec's Managed PKI solutions for iOS.
This "Bring Your Own Device" enterprise software allows iPhone and iPad users to authenticate to enterprise resources such as company email and intranet and provides a variety of other security applications including VPN and secure email (SMIME). 
The enterprise approves iOS users who are then automatically sent an email or SMS message with a link to an HTML5 application. The HTML5 application integrates with the iOS security settings and policies to install the security certificate and auto-configure it for use. 
The Manged PKI solution for Android users is quite similar to iOS with a few differences based on the conventions of the Android platform.
Android users recieve a email invite to install the security certfiicate. When they click the Android Intent link, the user either launches the Symantec PKI Client application or installs it. Then, the users certificate is auto- installed and configured for usage.
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