I've worked as a lead user experience engineer on Symantec's user authentication products,  creating a superb experience for identity and security software.
 - Consistent and clear user experience across browsers and devices
 - Focus was end users goals with protection and confidence
 - Make the user interface invisisble when possible, giving users only relevant information and a feeling of security
 - Administrators need a good experience too!  
 - Technical skills do not mean that users will not be frustrated and confused by a poorly design system.
Symantec Managed PKI
End user page for installing a security certificate on Windows 8. In the happiest case, the User clicks a email or SMS link and clicks install. The certifiate is then automaticaly installed and configuired for VPN, Secure Email, and other authentication or encryption applications.
I lead the front-end development on Rich Web application for end users and administrators. 
PKI Client
Identity software for OSX and Windows Desktop and a variety of mobile devices.
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